Will the check engine light come on if the catalytic converter is bad?

A faulty catalytic converter can trigger a check engine light.
2. In addition, deteriorated spark plugs or a broken oxygen sensor can cause your catalytic converter to fail.
3. It can be difficult to keep your car running if you don’t replace a faulty catalytic converter promptly.

Can bad spark plugs cause rattle?

Older cars with high mileage are more likely to have faulty spark plugs due to corrosion. This can cause a rattling noise, which you might notice as you drive and accelerate.
2. As cars get older and rack up more miles, corrosion can cause the spark plugs to fail. This will result in a rattling noise that you’ll hear as you’re driving and accelerating.
3. If you have an older car with a lot of mileage, the spark plugs may be corroded and cause the car to make a rattling noise. You’ll notice this noise as you drive and accelerate.

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Why does my car rattle when I first accelerate?

If your car is making rattling noises when accelerating, it could be because the fluid levels in the A/T are low.
2. To check, open the hood and look at the fluid level. If it’s running low, refill the reservoir to the proper level.
3. Start the car and take a short test drive to see if the problem has gone away.

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What is the most likely cause of a rattling sound coming from the underside of a vehicle?

If you hear a rattling noise coming from under your vehicle, it’s likely that you’re having a problem with your exhaust system. Exhaust system problems can include catalytic converter problems, muffler issues or a corroded pipe, and can sound like anything from light rattling to rocks shaking beneath your car.

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Why does my Honda Civic sound like a motorcycle?

Engine damage is the most common cause of your vehicle sounding like a motorcycle.

2. Exhaust system damage can also cause your vehicle to sound like a motorcycle.

3. Belt damage can also cause your vehicle to sound like a motorcycle.

4. Drivetrain damage can also cause your vehicle to sound like a motorcycle.