Will check engine light come on for timing chain?

A stretched timing chain can cause poor engine performance and increased emissions.

2. This can trigger the check engine light and cause a diagnostic trouble code to be stored.

3. A mechanic will need to inspect the code and prescribe the necessary repairs.

What does a noisy timing chain sound like?

Timing chain noise is most noticeable during a cold startup of the vehicle. This is because oil pressure and oil flow are at their lowest during this time.
2. Excess slack in the timing chain can cause a rattling sound or even a clanking sound if the slack is severe enough to cause the chain to contact the timing chain cover.

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Why is it so expensive to replace timing belt?

The time and labor required to replace a timing belt makes it a expensive repair.
2. To access the timing belt, the engine must be disassembled. This takes significant time and effort.
3. In addition to replacing the timing belt, the timing must be set and the engine must be reassembled.

How do I check my timing belt?

I don’t know.

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2. I have no idea.

Is it worth fixing a timing belt?

Extensive damage to the valves, pistons and other internal engine parts can occur if the timing belt fails.
2. Replacing the timing belt is much cheaper than having to replace the entire engine.
3. You should start thinking about changing the timing belt once you reach 90,000 miles.