Why does my car sound like a racecar?

Inspect your exhaust system if your car is suddenly roaring like a race car. The first things to check are the muffler and the exhaust pipes. A sound like a rattle could be caused by something as simple as a loose bracket that’s making your muffler vibrate.

Why does my car sound like a lawn mower when I accelerate?

If your car sounds like a lawnmower, it is likely that you have a leak in your exhaust system.
2. An exhaust system leak could come from many different areas in your Kia.
3. There are several parts, including gaskets, pipes, hoses, catalytic converters, or the manifold, that could need to be repaired or replaced.

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Is it better to replace timing chain or engine?

If the engine is well-maintained, then there is no need to install a new engine. This engine can last 100,000 more miles with proper maintenance. However, if the engine has not been well-maintained, then it may be more beneficial to replace the engine rather than waste time on repairs.
2. It is important to properly take care of your engine if you want it to last. If it is well-maintained, then it can last 100,000 more miles. However, if the engine hasn’t been well-maintained, then it may be better to replace it instead of wasting time on repairs.

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How long does it take a mechanic to change a timing chain?

A qualified mechanic can replace a timing chain in 5-8 hours, depending on the make and model of the car.
2. The time it takes to replace a timing chain varies depending on the make and model of the car. On average, it should take a qualified mechanic 5-8 hours to complete the replacement.
3. It will generally take a qualified mechanic between 5 and 8 hours to replace a timing chain, as well as all of the ancillary parts.

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Can I replace a timing chain myself?

The timing chain on your engine is an important component that helps keep it running smoothly.
2. At some point, you may find that you need to replace your timing chain.
3. With the right tools, a service manual, and some mechanical know-how, you can do it yourself.
4. Just be aware that this is a major job and can have serious consequences for your engine if done incorrectly.