Which is the best car in the world?

Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio
2. Aston Martin Valkyrie
3. Lamborghini Huracán Evo
4. Bugatti Centodieci
5. Koenigsegg Jesko
6. Rimac C_Two
7. Zenvo TSR-S
8. Hennessey Venom F5
9. SSC Tuatara
10. Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+

Which is cheaper to maintain Audi or Mercedes?

Audi vehicles cost $12,400 to maintain, $500 less than Mercedes-Benz.
2. Mercedes-Benz vehicles cost $13,400 to maintain, $1,000 more than Audi.
3. Audi vehicles cost $11,900 to maintain, $1,000 less than Mercedes-Benz.

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What does Audi mean in German?

The Volkswagen Group owns Audi.
2. Audi is named after the founder, August Horch.
3. Audi is based in Ingolstadt, Germany.

Is Audi A luxury brand?

Both Lexus and Audi offer a wide selection of luxurious vehicles, so drivers who are considering a used or new Lexus might also want to check out a luxury dealership for both used Audi and Lexus models to expand their options.
2. If you’re thinking about getting a used or new Lexus, you should also take a look at Audi’s luxury vehicles. You might find a better deal or a wider selection of cars at a luxury dealership that sells both used Audi and Lexus models.

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Who builds Audi engines?

The Volkswagen Group and Audi have been partnered since 1988 in developing a series of gasoline and diesel powered V8 engines.
2. The engine family is similar in design and mechanics, and powers a number of Volkswagen and Audi vehicles.
3. The partnership has resulted in continual improvements and innovation in the engine series, benefiting both Volkswagen and Audi customers.

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