Which is more expensive timing belt or chain?

Timing chains last longer than timing belts.
2. Timing chains are a bit more expensive than timing belts.
3. There are no performance gains or fuel efficiency gains if you use one over the other.
4. Cheaper cost was the main reason for the use of timing belts in cars.

Why don t all cars use timing chains?

Auto manufacturers started using timing belts because they are much less expensive to manufacture.
2. Timing belts usually have rubber “teeth”: Most normal car users (not hotrod racers or performance car people) tend to prefer quieter cars.
3. Timing belts run much more smoothly than a timing chain.

Which cars have timing chains instead of belts?

Which cars have timing chains instead of belts?
-Most BMWs
-Most Mercedes
-All Cadillacs
-Alfa Romeo 159
-Chevrolet Corvette
-Dacia Duster, Sandero, Sandero Stepway
-Honda Jazz
-Mazda with Skyactiv-G engine

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2. When was this published?
-4 Aug 2020

Which Mercedes engines have timing chain Problems?

Timing chain problems are common in the M271 engine, which was used in the Mercedes-Benz CLK-Class from 2002 to 2010.

2. The timing chain problem is also common in the C-Class from 2000 to 2006 (W203), as well as the C-Class from 2007 to 2014 (W204).

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3. The E-Class from 2002 to 2008 (W211) is also affected by this issue.

Does a timing chain last longer than a timing belt?

Timing chains usually last longer than timing belts. The reason is that chains are made of metal, while timing belts are made of rubber, which is not as strong.