Which exhaust tip will change the sound?

Exhaust tips are located at the end of the exhaust system and play a role in the car’s sound.
2. A normal exhaust tip will have a small effect on the sound the car makes.
3. If you want a stronger, heartier sound, go for a larger exhaust tip. If you want a raspier sound, go for a smaller exhaust tip.

Will changing muffler change sound?

As mentioned, performance mufflers, exhaust systems with wider pipes, and aftermarket exhaust tips can all affect the sound of the exhaust.
2. 16 Dec 2021.

How much HP do headers add?

How much HP do long tube headers add if they are attached to a stock engine?
2. You can expect about 6-9 HP over a manifold.

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Do headers increase mpg?

Although headers require more effort to install, they will significantly increase your power. In most cases, fuel mileage will stay the same or even improve slightly.
2. Other components that can affect performance and mileage are the oxygen sensor and the catalytic converter.

Do headers require a tune?

You should tune your car when installing a new exhaust header.
2. Headers can significantly alter important variables like air/fuel ratio, so a tune is required to ensure you get the most out of the header without future problems.

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