Whats better straight pipe or muffler delete?

Straight pipes may offer better flow than some popular performance mufflers, which can be helpful if you’re trying to maximize performance and fuel efficiency. However, high-quality performance mufflers like Paradox Performance Mufflers often offer just as good of flow – if not better – than straight pipes.

How can I make my car sound louder?

Get a new muffler – This will make your car louder, especially when you accelerate.
2. Upgrade your engine – This will also make your car louder.
3. Drill holes in your exhaust – This will make your car louder.
4. Get an exhaust tip – This will also make your car louder.
5. Make your exhaust pipes bigger – This will make your car even louder.

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Can I get pulled over for muffler delete?

Every state has its own muffler laws, but every state requires that all motor vehicles have a muffler. There’s no getting around this law. If a police officer sees that you don’t have a muffler, or if your car’s exhaust is too loud, they will pull you over and give you a ticket.

Does a muffler affect gas mileage?

Mufflers don’t change how much fuel your car uses, but they can improve gas mileage because they can improve the vehicle’s fuel economy.

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Does muffler delete affect gas mileage?

No, a muffler delete does not affect gas mileage.
2. A muffler delete is done by removing the muffler from your car, making it louder while operating.
3. A muffler is a sound suppressing device that works to quiet down the intense noise created by your engine during combustion.