What is the loudest Borla exhaust?

Borla’s ATAK exhaust systems produce the highest dB levels. The S-Type option offers a slightly tamer race-bred sound.
2. Borla Touring is the perfect sound for drivers who want a mild growl that’s just a bit more aggressive than stock.

Who makes the best sounding muffler?

Borla is one of the best performance muffler makers in the world.
2. The brand specializes in creating mufflers that increase your car’s horsepower and add that signature Borla exhaust note.
3. Featuring an aluminized design with a center outlet, the Borla 40359 Muffler delivers an exceptional sound.

Are Borla Pro XS mufflers reversible?

This design is reversible, so you can install it however you want.
2. The high-quality T-304 austenitic stainless steel won’t rust.
3. It’s 100% welded for extra strength.

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Is Borla S Type louder than stock?

I just installed the Borla Touring on my truck and it’s way louder than stock. I need to get used to it, but it makes the truck actually sound like a truck.

What is S type exhaust?

The Borla S-Type exhaust system is the most popular one in the company’s lineup. It provides the performance gains that are typical of Borla kits, but with an exhaust note that is aggressive without being the loudest of the company’s products. It strikes the perfect balance between loud and quiet.

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