What Is a Stage 2 kit?

A Stage 2 performance upgrade involves changing the cam.
2. In an engine, the cam drives the valves and the valves open to allow air in for combustion.
3. The kits for improved lift, duration and timing focus on either torque or power upgrades.
4. The Stage 2 upgrade delivers up to 30% more horsepower and 10% more torque.

How much HP does Stage 2 add?

Stage 2 performance cam upgrades typically add +20-25% more HP than stock engines.
2. Other components in a Stage 1 combination also contribute to increased performance.
3. A Stage 2 engine is typically more powerful than a Stage 1 engine.

What is a Stage 6 tune?

Stage6 Tuning is the tuning department of Stage6.
2. They develop, test, and optimize engine and transmission tuning parts, from intake to exhaust.
3. These high-quality tuning components are then made available to everyone on the market.

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What is a Stage 0 tune?

The base tune is very restrained, with a 14-15psi boost ceiling and conservative timing even on 93 octane. Stage 1 OTS (off the shelf/Cobb’s default stage 1) does improve things a bit. There’s a definite increase over the stock tune, but the boost isn’t increased by much. 18 Apr 2019

Does throttle body Add HP?

Will a throttle body spacer increase horsepower?

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2. Gains from a throttle body spacer can be dependent on other modifications made to the engine. Generally speaking, anytime a throttle body spacer is added, there will be some added horsepower. The amounts can range from 5-25 HP, depending on what other modifications are done to the engine.