What is a decent horsepower?

The sweet spot for many drivers is between 200 and 300 horsepower.
2. Be cautious with models that approach 300 horsepower, unless the vehicle is a heavy truck or another large model.

Can straight pipes ruin an engine?

Straight pipes will not hurt your engine or performance.

2. Decreasing your “back pressure” will not hurt your engine or performance.

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Do straight pipes hurt gas mileage?

Muffler delete and straight pipe will not improve your gas mileage. In fact, it might even get worse because drivers tend to rev their engines more because of the improved sound. If your main concern is gas mileage, then muffler delete and straight pipe are not for you.

2. If you’re looking to improve your gas mileage, then neither muffler delete nor straight pipe are going to be effective options. In some cases, gas mileage may actually decrease due to drivers revving their engines more because of the improved sound.

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Does muffler delete add hp?

A muffler delete can add 5-10 horsepower to your car’s engine.
2. A muffler delete is a modification to the exhaust system that removes the mufflers and replaces them with straight pipe.
3. This means less weight, and aggressive sound!
4. Also, mufflers are heavy parts of an exhaust system that can slow down a car.

How can I add 50 hp to my car?

Cleaning the engine bay can increase horsepower.
2. A tune-up will also help increase horsepower.
3. Installing a turbo kit or supercharger can give your car a boost in horsepower.
4. Adding a cold-air intake will also help increase horsepower.
5. Finally, an aftermarket exhaust system can help complete the package of increased horsepower.
6. An engine tuner can also help to fine-tune the engine for even more power.

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