What headers give the most horsepower?

Medium and long-tube headers are beneficial for engines because they allow for more horsepower at high rpm.

2. If you’re looking to increase your engine’s horsepower, installing a medium or long-tube header is a great way to do it.

3. Medium and long-tube headers are a great way to get more horsepower out of your engine, especially at higher RPMs.

Are cammed cars illegal?

There are no federal laws outlawing dash cams.
2. However, many states have restrictions in place that could impact how and where you install your dash cam.
3. Some states have stipulations surrounding ones that record audio too.

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What gives a cam chop?

Overlap is the only reason a cam will “chop” or not.
2. LSA can control overlap, but it’s the mixture of duration and LSA that fully controls the amount of chop a cam has.
3. Therefore, a cam’s chop is fully controlled by its duration and LSA.

Why do people cam their cars?

The term “camming” refers to the modification of a truck’s camshaft.
2. While it may sound justifiably complex, the process of changing out the camshaft allows you to build a custom engine that performs better within a particular RPM range.

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How much HP does a Stage 1 cam add?

A stage cam 1 can add 50-100 horsepower to your vehicle, as well as increasing torque output.
2. Adding a stage 1 engine to your car can improve RPM throttle response.