What does vaseline and toothpaste mixed together do?

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Does sugar in the fuel tank work?

The legend goes that if you pour sugar into a gas tank, it will dissolve and then caramelize when the gas is brought into the engine, coating and ruining the engine’s components. However, this is not true – sugar does not dissolve in gasoline.

Which gas is better Shell or Exxon?

In every category, Exxon outperformed Shell, from satisfaction rating to sentiment analysis. More than 70% of Exxon’s customer reviews were four or five stars, compared to just 50% of Shell’s. For sentiment analysis, Exxon once again came out on top. 30 Apr 2018

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Will WD 40 give you better gas mileage?

WD-40 will not improve your gas mileage.
2. In fact, using WD-40 may actually decrease your gas mileage.
3. So if you’re looking to save money on gas, don’t use WD-40.

What mods increase gas mileage?

One of the most important ways to increase fuel economy is by improving the aerodynamics of your car. You can do this by making sure that your car has a sleek design and by avoiding unnecessary drag.

2. Tires:
The type of tires you use can also have a big impact on fuel economy. You should look for tires that have low rolling resistance in order to minimize the amount of energy required to move your car.

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3. Maintenance:
Making sure that your car is properly maintained can also help to improve fuel economy. You should keep your car’s engine tuned and make sure that the tires are inflated to the proper pressure.

4. ECU Tuning:
Tuning the ECU of your car can also help to improve fuel economy. This can involve changing the way that the engine runs in order to make it more efficient.

5. Oil Swaps:
Using a different type of oil in your car can also help to improve fuel economy. You should look for an oil that has a low viscosity in order to reduce the amount of energy required to pump it.

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6. Ditch the Belt:
Another way to improve fuel economy is by ditch the belt. You can do this by replacing the belt-driven accessories in your car with electric ones.

7. Catch up on Maintenance:
If you have been neglecting the maintenance of your car, then you should catch up on it as soon as possible. This will help to improve the efficiency of your car and reduce the likelihood of breakdowns.

8. Increase Performance:
One final way to improve fuel economy is by increasing the performance of your car. This can be done by upgrading the engine or by making other modifications to the car.