What does having an Audi say about you?

Audi drivers are known for being leaders and doing spontaneous things, which can sweep you off your feet if you’re in a relationship with one. However, they can also be hyperactive and grumpy at times.

What are Audi owners like?

Audi drivers typically enjoy exercising, with cycling, jogging, and running being among their favorite activities.

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2. Given Audi’s reputation for excellence, it’s no surprise that drivers are also interested in cars and motoring.

3. This interest in cars and motoring is likely to continue into the future.

What does Audi mean in English?

“Audi” is a Latin word meaning “listen”, while “Horch” is a German word meaning “hear”.

2. “Audi” is a Latin word meaning “listen”, which loosely translates to “horch” in German. This is a nod to the company’s founder, August Horch.

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3. According to Loren Angelo, vice president of marketing for Audi of America, the name “Audi” is a Latin word meaning “listen”, while the German word “horch” translates to “hear”. This is a reference to the company’s original founder, August Horch.

What does driving a luxury car say about you?

Luxury car owners are often status seekers and more prone to driving longer distances.
2. These owners tend to be older, highly-educated, and generally have a higher income.
3. In psychology, these drivers are considered to be independent, profit-oriented workaholics known as “achievers.”

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What makes Audi so special?

Audi brand automobiles have been around for more than 100 years.
2. They have built upon a progressive line of innovative luxury vehicles.
3. What makes Audi cars unique from other manufacturers is their commitment to excellence, elegance, and winning features that you won’t find anywhere else.