What does a failing timing chain sound like?

There is a rattling noise coming from the engine. This is most likely due to a loose timing chain or a broken timing chain with loose parts inside the engine. The rattling noise should go away after the engine has warmed up.

How much does it cost to fix timing on a car?

Depending on your vehicle, a timing belt service could turn into a big deal and it’s going to be costly.
2. It is strongly recommended that you have your timing belt replaced before it breaks, as this can cost between $500 and $1,000 on average.
3. However, if you wait for your timing belt to break before replacing it, this could cost upward of $2,000 or more.
4. Therefore, it is advisable to replace your timing belt before it causes any major damage.
5. Last updated: 19/03/2021.

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What are the symptoms of timing being off?

Ignition timing being off can be caused by changes made to a car’s engine.
2. If ignition timing is not properly adjusted, it can result in engine problems like knocking, hard to start, increased fuel usage, overheating, and reduced power.

How much does it cost to replace timing chain tensioner?

The average cost to replace a timing chain tensioner is around US$1000 to US$1600. This includes the cost of the mechanic’s service, which is typically between US$600 and US$1000, as well as the cost of aftermarket auto parts, which is usually between US$450 and US$600.

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How much does a timing chain cost?

Replacing your timing chain can be expensive, costing between $600 and $800 if you do it yourself, or up to $1,800 if you hire a mechanic.
2. The reason the cost is so high is because replacing a timing chain is a complicated process.
3. If you’re planning on doing the replacement yourself, you can expect to spend around $650 on parts.

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