What does a failing timing belt sound like?

A failing timing belt will produce a ticking noise when the engine is first started.

2. If the belt eventually breaks, the engine will make a whining noise when trying to start.

3. Whining sounds like no compression in the engine.

What causes timing belt failure?

Misalignment is a common cause of timing belt drive failure.
2. Excessive wear, belt tracking, and tension failure can all be caused by misalignment.
3. By checking and aligning your shafts and timing pulleys, you can increase the life of your timing belts and avoid unnecessary downtime.

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How do I know if my belt tensioner needs replacing?

Using a wrench, rotate the tensioner arm through its full range of motion.
2.The arm should move smoothly and without any binding, sticking, or grinding.
3.If you notice any of these issues, replace the tensioner.

Can I drive with stretched timing chain?

It’s probably not dangerous to drive with an elongated chain immediately, but if it gets elongated enough, it will lose tension and start to slap. This may break the plastic cam chain guides or cause one of the sprockets to jump a tooth, which could lead to engine damage.

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2. If an elongated chain continues to be used without being fixed, it could eventually lead to engine damage. The chain would lose tension and start to slap, potentially breaking the plastic cam chain guides or jumping a tooth on one of the sprockets.

How do you tell if timing chain has been changed?

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