What are luxury cars in Germany?

The car has always been one of the most accepted status symbols in Germany.
2. In 1886, the first Mercedes Benz hit the road and its legacy, along with the legacy of other German auto manufacturers, has continued ever since.
3. Among the German automotive luxury brands are Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, and Maybach.

Are German cars safer?

A U.S. safety group said Japanese and German automakers dominated the list of the safest vehicles on American roads, in part by adding advanced technology to prevent frontal collisions. 9 Dec 2015.

2. The safest vehicles on American roads are mostly Japanese and German, thanks to advanced technology that prevents frontal collisions.

3. Japanese and German automakers have the safest vehicles on American roads because they use advanced technology to prevent frontal collisions.

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Are foreign cars better than American cars?

Cars manufactured in Asia and Europe are often more reliable than American cars.
2. These cars also tend to perform better than their American counterparts.

What type of person drives a Audi?

Your typical Audi driver is a self-assured individual who sees himself as a “leader.” However, he also recognizes that this can sometimes make him inflexible, impatient, and demanding. He is willing to spend money on high-quality items that he believes are worth the investment.

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What type of person buys an Audi?

Who is buying all these luxury German vehicles? In the U.S., young professionals are a key demographic for Audi. In 2014, Audi’s U.S. CEO Scott Keogh told Forbes that 50% of their sales were to Gen X and Gen Y age customers.