What are BMW known for?

The BMW Group is a leading manufacturer of premium automobiles and motorcycles.
2. It also provides premium financial and mobility services.

How is Audi pronounced?

Although Audi is close to the word ‘audio,’ we often hear our name pronounced ‘Aw-dee.’ However, the official pronunciation is ‘Ow-dee,’ similar to ‘howdy’ or ‘outie’ like the belly button!

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What are Audis known for?

This German luxury brand is known for its technology and style, as well as its performance, well-crafted interiors, and trademark Quattro all-wheel-drive system. Nearly every model is a solid performer with a high-grade interior, and ride and handling are both accomplished. The cabin is also quiet.

How much is the cheapest Audi?

Let’s check out the entry-level car, the most straightforward and economical way to get behind the wheel of a famous four-ringed brand. That’s the A3 sedan, which starts at just $34,800. But is it the best way to break into the Audi lifestyle? 3 Feb 2022

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Why don t Audis hold their value?

Technology is one of the main reasons why Audis depreciate.
2. Today’s luxury cars are packed with power options, screens, software infotainment systems, and all kinds of cross-device integration.
3. This abundance of technology can cause a luxury car’s value to drop quickly.