Should I replace my water pump with the timing belt?

Generally, it is recommended by the manufacturer to replace the idler pulleys, tensioner, and water pump when the timing belt is replaced.
2. In most cases, the timing belt drives the water pump, making it the right time to also replace the water pump.

When replacing timing chain What else should I replace?

While replacing your timing chain, it is also a good idea to replace your tensioner, gaskets, and seals.
2. This will help ensure that your engine and drivetrain are running smoothly and efficiently.

Is a timing chain covered under warranty?

Depending on your vehicle, your timing chain should last anywhere from 80,000 to 120,000 miles.
2. Most timing chains are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, so if it fails prematurely, you shouldn’t have to pay for repairs.
3. However, if it does fail, it will need to be replaced.

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How much does it cost to replace timing chain and tensioner?

The average cost to replace a timing chain tensioner is around $1000 to $1600. This includes the cost of the mechanic’s service, which is usually between $600 and $1000, as well as the cost of aftermarket auto parts, which is usually between $450 and $600.

What happens if the timing chain breaks while driving?

An engine will not start or fail while driving if the timing chain is broken.

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2. If the belt is already broken, the engine won’t have enough compression to start.

3. If the timing chain breaks or jumps while driving, the pistons will be damaged from contact with the valves.

4. The valves themselves may bend and potentially ruin the engine if they are hit by the pistons.