Is it illegal to drill holes in your exhaust?

A hole in the exhaust is technically a modification, even if it isn’t intentional. Therefore, the loud noises coming from the broken exhaust are illegal.

How can I make my car louder for free?

Remove the muffler- this will make your car much louder than it would otherwise be.
2. Put a hole in your exhaust system- this will also make your car louder.
3. Unclog exhaust tubing- this will help increase the flow of exhaust and make your car louder.

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How long does it take to break in a new muffler?

How long does it take for a muffler to break in?
2. This depends on how often you drive and how you drive.
3. If you drive often and you’re an aggressive driver who likes to rev up, then it’ll probably take a week or two.
4. If you drive regularly and don’t rev up, then it’ll probably take a month.

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Do exhaust need to break in?

Your exhaust will “settle in” after about 1000-1500 miles and give you the true exhaust note that you can expect to hear from then on out.

“What’s louder straight pipes or glasspacks?”

Most of the time, perforated cores will sound louder since the pipe does not have that much obstruction.
2. Glasspacks can be made short and used just as resonators or lengthy and used as mufflers.
3. Glasspacks sound best on muscle cars or vehicles with V8s because they can give the car a bit of a raspy tone.

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