How long will an aluminized exhaust last?

If you only take short trips, the exhaust never gets hot enough to evaporate all of that moisture.
2. That moisture causes the inside of the system to rust.
3. In a moderate climate, aluminized steel might last 3-5 years on a daily driver.
4. In a dry climate, an aluminized exhaust system could last 8 years or more.

Why do titanium exhausts turn blue?

An oxidized layer forms on the surface of the metal exhaust pipe, causing it to change color. This happens because the metal has high oxidization temperatures. However, when the heat from the exhaust pipe raises the temperature to extreme levels, the metal starts to get oxidized.

How often should you replace car exhaust?

Exhausts made from chrome or stainless steel will usually last for as long as the car does, unless they become damaged.
2. High-quality exhausts that are not made from stainless steel should last for approximately five years.

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Does stainless exhaust sound better?

Stainless exhausts are a great choice for cost-effective, high-quality products.
2. However, you’ll need to make sure that you’re getting what is advertised.
3. Mandrel-bent stainless exhausts offer better flow and usually sound the same or very similar to mild steel exhaust.

How can I add 50 hp to my car?

Perform a tune-up on the engine- this will help to increase the horsepower.
2. Install a turbo kit or supercharger- this can also help to increase the horsepower.
3. Install a cold-air intake- this will help to improve the airflow and thus increase the horsepower.
4. Install an aftermarket exhaust system- this will help to improve the exhaust flow and also increase the horsepower.
5. Buy an engine tuner- this can help to optimize the engine performance and thus increase the horsepower.

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