How long can I delay my car service?

Check your car manual’s maintenance schedule to see what is actually required. A delay of 1-2 months is usually fine, but it depends on how much the car is used. If it isn’t used much, a delay of 2-3 months is usually fine. However, if it’s in extensive use, it shouldn’t be delayed.

Do I have to get my car serviced by a main dealer?

Although you don’t have to use a main dealership to service your car, doing so will ensure that the correct parts are used and that the right jobs are carried out at the right time.

Does Honda have a 100000 mile warranty?

Honda’s new vehicle limited warranty is a bumper-to-bumper plan that covers most major parts of your vehicle, from the drivetrain to the cooling system.
2. Honda certified pre-owned vehicles are also under warranty, with 2016 to 2021 HondaTrue Certified vehicles receiving 7 years/100,000 miles of powertrain coverage.
3. As of April 22nd, 2022, all of these warranties will be valid.

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Does Honda offer a lifetime warranty?

Does the Lifetime Powertrain Warranty cover repairs for as long as you own the vehicle?
2. What components does the Lifetime Powertrain Warranty cover?

Does Honda warranty transfer to second owner?

The Honda Factory Warranty is transferable to the new owner if the vehicle is still within the warranty period.
2. If you purchase a used Honda that is less than 3 years old and has fewer than 36,000 miles, the warranty will still be valid from the original purchase date.

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