How do I make my exhaust crackle?

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Will a cat Delete make my car pop?

Yes, punching out the cat will change the sound on some cars.

2. Yes, if you punch out the cat, it will change the sound of the car.

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Do pops and bangs hurt the engine?

Are pops and bangs tune safe?

2. If done properly, kept under control, well tested and not taken too far, pops and bangs are completely safe.

3. In fact, many manufacturers offer pop and bang sounds as a stock feature for their cars and they come with regular warranty and safety claims.

Do exhausts get louder over time?

Mufflers and exhaust systems can get louder over time, especially if they are glass pack mufflers.
2. As they age, they may increase in volume.
3. A quiet exhaust may be a sign of a problem, and an unusually loud muffler can also indicate trouble, such as an exhaust leak.

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Why are muffler deletes illegal?

In most states, it is illegal to remove a muffler from a vehicle because it emits too much noise.
2. All states have regulations on how much noise a vehicle can make.
3. The exact noise limit for vehicles varies from state to state.
4. For example, in Tennessee, the maximum decibel limit for a passenger car measured from 25 feet away is 84.

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