How do I know if my car has timing belt or chain?

To figure out if your car has a timing belt or a timing chain, the first step is to inspect your engine. Take a look at the side of your engine. If there’s a tinplate or plastic cover, then your car has a timing belt. However, if your engine doesn’t have either of those, then it has a timing chain.

Is there any warning before timing belt breaks?

If your car is within the mileage window for timing belt replacement, you should go ahead and have it replaced, even if there are no prior symptoms. However, sometimes your car will give you a bit of warning that the belt is wearing out.

Does timing chain affect acceleration?

If the timing chain appears stretched, it could cause the car’s engine to run rough on idle or during acceleration. The check engine light may also turn on. Another significant issue that could occur is the car losing power without any warnings.

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How much is a new timing chain?

Replacing a timing chain can be a difficult and expensive repair.
2. Depending on whether or not you choose to do the repair yourself or have a mechanic do it, the cost can range from $600 to $800 if you do it yourself, or from $1,600 to $1,800 if you have a mechanic do it.
3. The reason the cost is so high is because replacing a timing chain is a complicated process.
4. If you decide to do the repair yourself, you can expect to pay around $650 for the parts.

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Why do timing chains go bad?

The number one cause of a timing chain stretch is lack of maintenance and not getting regular oil changes.
2. Worn out oil can no longer lubricate the chain and will cause the rollers and links to wear against each other.