Does a straight pipe use more gas?

A lot of people don’t realize that removing the mufflers and catalytic converter can actually improve fuel economy. By reducing back pressure, the engine is able to achieve better combustion, leading to lower fuel consumption.

Do aftermarket exhausts improve MPG?

An example is the best way to explain fuel efficiency. The math is not difficult. A typical exhaust improves a vehicle’s power output by 2-5%. Let’s say your vehicle gets about 16 miles per gallon and, by adding a new exhaust system, sees a gain of about 3% in fuel economy.

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Should I remove my resonator?

Removing exhaust resonators can make your vehicle lighter.
2. It can also give your engine a louder tone.
3. Finally, you may see a slight increase in horsepower.

Is a performance muffler worth it?

A performance exhaust system will give your car a more aggressive sound.
2. You know the one – deep, rumbling and super cool.
3. Depending on the exhaust system you choose, the sound will vary.
4. A performance exhaust system sounds stronger and more powerful than most stock systems.

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Does exhaust add HP?

Yes, an aftermarket exhaust can provide additional horsepower to a car.
2. They work by providing better airflow for exhaust gases to escape the combustion chamber, which provides more room for fresh air to enter and create a bigger combustion on the next cycle.