Does a Catback exhaust void warranty?

A cat-back exhaust system may void your car’s warranty, but only if it damages other components that are covered under the warranty. If you have the modification done professionally, you shouldn’t have to worry about voiding the warranty, as you’re protected under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975.

Is cat back exhaust loud?

Straight through cat-back systems have mufflers of minimal size with fewer baffles.
2. This creates a louder sound and a low amount of restriction.
3. 6 Sept 2022.

Is aftermarket or exhaust better?

Stock exhausts are not as efficient as performance exhausts and this difference can be felt and heard once you make the change.
2. If you are looking for better performance, the aptly named performance exhausts are your best option.

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Is aftermarket exhaust bad for your car?

By improving airflow and reducing back pressure, aftermarket exhausts make the engine more efficient and improve fuel economy.
2. They can also make your car sound louder.

Should I upgrade intake or exhaust first?

If you have a tight budget and want to provide cooler air to your engine for easier breathing, go with an aftermarket cold air intake first. If your budget is less restrictive and you’re more concerned with gaining extra power, an aggressive sound, and killer looks, install an exhaust system first.

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