Does a cat back exhaust void Subaru warranty?

Adding a Catback exhaust will not void your Subaru warranty.
2. Most aftermarket exhaust systems are not known to void the original warranty on a vehicle.
3. Dealers will often decline to perform engine maintenance if an aftermarket exhaust system is present.

Will installing a cold air intake void my warranty?

Will using a Cold air Intake affect my factory warranty?
2. No, it will not. In the United States, the manufacturer cannot void or deny warranty coverage of a repair due to the use of an aftermarket part.

Is Flowmaster 10 loud?

The Flowmaster Super 10 series muffler is viewed as the loudest product made by this USA company.
2. If you’re still not satisfied with the sound and you have some advanced car DIY skills, there’s still a way to make your muffler louder without buying a new exhaust.

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Are Flowmasters loud?

The Flowmaster Super 40 produces a deep, aggressive sound that is louder than stock, but not extremely loud. You can easily have conversations from inside the car. It produces a similar, but deeper and quieter sound, than the Super 44 muffler.

Are Flowmaster Super 44 loud?

At highway speeds, this muffler is too loud for most people.