Can loud exhaust damage hearing?

Noise is hazardous to the ears and may cause hearing loss.
2. A mixture of loud noise and carbon monoxide from smokestacks and car exhausts is an even more potent cocktail carrying increased risk of hearing loss over time.

How long does Aftermarket exhaust last?

Depending on driving habits and other factors, the average lifespan of a premium aftermarket exhaust system is usually two to three years.
2. A premium aftermarket exhaust system will typically last for two to three years, depending on driving habits and other factors.
3. The expected lifespan of a premium aftermarket exhaust system is typically two to three years, though this may vary depending on driving habits and other factors.

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How can I fix my exhaust without welding?

To seal a leak, apply an epoxy bond. 2. If the hole is small, use epoxy to seal the leak. 3. If the hole is larger, wrap it with exhaust tape. 4. If the hole is very large, use an exhaust clamp. 5. To cover a hole, use an aluminum patch.

Is welding an exhaust hard?

Another problem is that it is not hard to weld before you attach it, but if you have to repair a broken exhaust, it’s much more difficult.
2. Welding heats two metals to the melting point and introduces a filler material to fuse the materials and create a strong bond.
3. There are several types of welding you can use.

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Whats better Flowmaster or Borla?

If you’re looking for power and that awesome rumbling sound, Borla is a great choice.

2. On the other hand, if you’re seeking a cheaper yet high performance and durable exhaust system with an excellent design and powerful burst of sound, Flowmaster is a great choice.