Are long exhaust tips louder?

After installing the accessory, your vehicle’s exhaust note may sound deeper, but it won’t be louder. Keep in mind that exhaust tips are not the most effective way to change the sound of your exhaust. If you want your vehicle’s exhaust to sound much deeper, you’re better off ordering a new muffler.

Should I get headers or exhaust first?

If you’re busy and care mostly about performance, go for headers first. You’ll get more horsepower with an exhaust system, but the sound will improve only marginally.

2. If you’re not too busy, stick around.

How much does a tune cost?

The cost of a tune-up can vary significantly, depending on what is included.
2. A tune-up typically costs between $40 and $150, but in some cases it could be $800 or more.
3. It is important to understand what a tune-up is and what the proper cost should be.

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Will installing exhaust void warranty?

It is illegal for a dealer to deny you the OE warranty because you have changed the exhaust system.

Whats better Flowmaster or Borla?

Borla and Flowmaster are both great choices if you are looking for a powerful and durable exhaust system.
2. If you are looking for an exhaust system that is cheaper but still high performance and has a great design, Flowmaster is a great choice.
3. If you are looking for an exhaust system that has a powerful burst of sound, Flowmaster is a great choice.

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